Mobile Home Loan (Home-Only):  This type of loan is for the purchase of a manufactured home on a rented lot, as in a mobile home park.  These are considered personal property loans and typically haved a 2-3% higher interest rate than a  "stick-built" home on its' own parcel of land.

These loans usually have no application fees, no pre-payment penalties and are financed with fixed interest rate loans.  Mortgage insurance is not normally required.  The majority of all manufactured home loans do not have a pre-payment penalty.

The interest rate will vary depending on the age of the home, the amount of the down payment, your credit score and the size and type of home (ie: single wide, double wide etc).

Loans must be for a minimum of $15,000 and the home must be a 1976 or newer.

Your credit score and ability to pay will ultimately determine the down payment that the lender will require.

Your closing costs, including insurance, can be financed into the loan (except for the down payment).

The number of years that a home can be financed will be determined by the age of the home, with a maximum of 25 years for newer properties.

All manufactured home sales must go through the escrow process.  An average escrow fee is $400.

There is no 100% financing available in the current real estate market, however, there are still a few lenders that will allow the down payment to be "gifted" to you by a family member in order to help you with your purchase.

You will also be required to qualify with the park in which you intend to reside.  Each park has different requirements. Check with the park manager for the amount of any security deposit required and necessary income ratios.




      Manufactured homes are factory built to meet the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, also known as the HUD Code. The Code, which is administered by the U.S. Department of housing and Urban Development (HUD), regulates the home's design and construction, strength and durability, transportability, fire resistance and energy efficiency. It also sets performance standards for the heating, air conditioning, plumbing, thermal and electrical systems. Although, HUD is federal there is local representation for those purchasing manufactured homes in California.

     One of many stereotypes that persist is the term "mobile home." The fact is that the term "mobile homes" is no longer accurate. The only time that most " manufactured homes " are mobile is when they are transported from the factory to the new home's site. In 1980, Congress realized "mobile homes" was a poor description for these quality homes and stated that the term be changed to " manufactured home " in all federal laws and literature.

      Manufactured housing is defined as any home that is constructed in a factory and whose construction standards are enforced by the
Department of Housing and Urban Development . Manufactured homes are different from other types of factory built housing because of the building codes to which manufacturers must comply.

Below you will find pictures of "manufactured" homes that we currently have listed.  Many are REPOS.  A select few of these homes may be sold in as-is condition prior to the completion of rehab work.  If you would like more information on any of these properties please e-mail or call.

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